Friday, May 2, 2008

Battling with Drains. New dog in town.

Really a tank top and shorts day, no doubt about it. It is warm and humid.

I picked up Jay, and we started right in on the plumbing for the new tub in the Class B. I had put the tub sort of where it goes yesterday, and we knew that we were going to have to re-route some of the plumbing, to make it work. The new tub is thick fiberglass, and the original one was cheap thin plastic. Armed with a bag of the old P-trap and parts we went into town to the hardware store. We took the air conditioned truck, as I was also picking up a dog, and it was already muggy.

The vent, see the little black piece stuck on top of the white pipe, had to be extended forward to be under the seat of the step tub. Before, it was beside the old tub near
the rear. The new tub is the same outside dimensions,
but has more room inside. This is going to be a lot better
than factory.

First we had to cut off some of the pipe that comes up through the floor to get the P-trap lower, as this tub is also deeper. Then we 'dry fit' the drain pipe, and we could see that even with those 2 45s that we had to use, (as a 90 wouldn't have fit right), that we still needed one more part. We also found out that the tub drain that we bought on the first trip didn't have the depth of thread that we needed for this thicker tub, and the P-trap just couldn't screw on securely. So, as with most plumbing jobs, another quick trip into town.
The store found another longer threaded drain, but it had the nut missing. After a battle with the old tub drain lashed down in the vice, penetrating oil, and a big pipe wrench we
got the old nut off so that we could use it.
Now the drain part is done. Next is securing the tub and the water lines !!

The little dog, Chico, is a 7-year old Chihuahua whose 'Mama' died. I have him settled in my grooming room, and will tell you more about him after he has spent the night here.

A sucessful day.

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Can't wait to see the finished job.