Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Six-toed Kitten Pictures. Rained a Gully-Whomper.

Bobcat was sulking as she couldn't go out on her screen porch this morning. So she sat and looked at the traffic on the other road from a window at the back of the house. The little kitten I found zipped up in a bag at the dumpsters yesterday, is on Bobcat's porch. It will come to me now, so I discovered that it is one of the rare 6-toed cats, and that he is a boy. As it is easier for my SPCA boss to remember which fostermom has which animal, his name has to start with a P (for Penny). So far all I have come up with is Peter, Pierre, Piper, and Perry !! Or Pied-a-Terre (French for temporary lodging or Foot on the Ground). He is prettier than his pictures.

Ray and I both had to make trips into the next town first thing, so we didn't get started until late. We got a big dog carrier out that I haven't used for years, and cleaned it up so that I could bring it in the house for the kitten to get out of the heat. I found a place where I could put the carrier, and set it up with blankies, litter box, food, and water. First, I had to put Revolution on him, so that he won't bring in fleas. Now, Little "P" is very happy to be inside, and quit squaulling. Once he has been through Intake and checked by a vet, he can be with Minkie and Boots in the grooming room. He should get adopted fast.

We had another battle with the porch sink faucet. There must be something terribly wrong with it's innards. We tried different seats and 0-rings, but is still leaks from it's base, and it still leaks water under the sink. So I just bought a new faucet, and we will get that installed soon.

I started sewing on the drape that closes off the bathroom from the living room in the Class B, and there came up a terrible wind with pine needles and twigs blowing all over the place. Rain was not in the forecast until tomorrow. I had only just got the kitten inside in time, as there came a terrible downpour that blew rain into the screen porch. No wonder it has been so humid.

Not a very productive day.

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Dee & Jim said...

I would love "P". He's precious. I'm allergic to cats and so is Jim so we really can't have him. Just wishing. Great pictures of him.