Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Sewed Drapes. An Apache Road Cover We Made.

It is nice weather, so I have had the windows and patio door open, but screen door closed, all day. Chico likes to play with the kittens through the screen. But it seems to get humid around dark, and then I have to close everything up, and turn on the AC.

Ray and Jay were installing Jay's new bathroom vanity and getting the plumbing ready for the sink. That gave me time to measure and start sewing the curtains for the four van door windows, the side and the back. I had bought some burgundy valances at a thrift shop, and with a little bit of altering they will be the right length for the door windows. As the last drapes that were on those windows rotted, I will install solar film to protect these.

Looking back on some of the RVs we have repaired, here is a 77 Apache Hard Side Pop-Up Trailer. These are very famous and sought after, and have a couple of clubs devoted to them.
It had lost it's ABS road cover, (roof), and they are not something that you can just go out and buy. First we had to install the new ceiling inside, as it is accessed and clipped in from the top. I bought the almond fiberglass sheets from Lowe's, ($35 ea.) to match the original. With that done, we covered the whole roof with foil covered insulation board. The roof we made out of a sheet of almond trailer roofing that I got in Houston. A bunch of self-tapping screws, and rivits, and it was like new again. That roof won't crack and break !

Today was a drapery day.

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Sandra said...

You are just so amazingly talented (as I sit here on my duff doing nothing)!