Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lots of little door drapes. Surprise Thunderstorm

The day started out great, and not too hot, so as Ray had an hour before he had to pick up Shay, we decided to attack a stack of building material that had been moved when we skirted the guest house. It was supposed to have been bought by Jay, who never did pick it up. Now it needed to be moved back in place. We sorted out some other things that needed to go to the dumpsters, while we have them. They are starting house to house garbage pick up next month.
We loaded those items that I no longer needed into the back of the truck. It had been getting darker and darker, and of course, as soon as we got down there to the dumpsters it poured, and we got soaking wet unloading the truck. The wipers couldn't cope on the way back, and I had to drive slower than the 20 MPH speed limit.

When I got home I let the kittens in the house, as I think that they were a little scared out there on the screen porch. So they played with the reels of thread on the sewing machine. The torrential rain didn't last long, and then the sun came out. That's TX for you, just enough rain to make the grass grow.

I spent several hours making the 8 little door drapes, burgundy around the sides, with the light house fabric in the middle. Getting it all planned out and pinned in place, took quite a while, so I still have several to make. The burgundy lining in the top window drapes isn't done yet, either. I have to get this done, as the Class B is supposed to start on eBay soon. At least my thumb is better enough for me to do it now.

A rainy sewing day.

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