Saturday, May 17, 2008

Installing Drapes. Adoption Day Again.

It started out a bit chilly, and I wore a little cotton cardigan for a while.

Ray and Shay were supposed to go do a pressure washing job, drove all the way there, and the folks weren't home, so they came back and Ray and I got some more work done on the Class B drapes.

Getting the carriers attached to the drapes straight takes two pairs of hands, but we have found an easier way to do it, where they slide better on the tracks. The rest should go a lot quicker.

This is one of the back doors. This is the two drapes slid all the way to the side, for better visability for the driver. But they cover the whole window when closed, and there is a snap or super Velcro to hold them closed. They come from the factory with a drape on each side of each window, but I like to be able to see out of my rear view mirror, and try to get the rear door drapes out of the way. It doesn't look as cute, but tell that to the judge when you back into something, if you want cute ! I think my little lighthouses are cute enough.

Then it was time to don my SPCA foster mom clothes. We usually wear those uniform tunics like the vet and doctor's office help wear, but ours have critters on them. I have picked up several at thrift shops. Today I wore the one with giraffes on it, and off we went to Adoption Day, in the next town. The kittens are quite used to this as they have been going for quite a while now, so they travel well.

I picked up a few things that I can't get in our town. I had been making a list all week, knowing that I would be there today. Before all this gas thing started I would sometimes make 3-4 trips a week there, but now I try to wait until Adoption Day on the first and third Saturday.

When I went to pick up the kittens, I was told that some folks had put in an application for "Minkie". So we will know next week if they are an approved "forever" home for her. They started out wanting "Boots", but they have a dog and Boots is very leary of dogs. Minkie just gets along with everybody and everything, purring all the time.

A busy day.

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Debbie & Rod said...

Wow, Penny, I can't believe all the work you've done on that little van since I saw it. It looks really good. My mom needs one of those.