Monday, May 19, 2008

Made the Table for the B. Hand Doctor Again

The day started out the same as the last few days, but by the time I had to leave to go to my doctor appointment, I had to bring the kittens in from the screen porch and put them in the air conditioned grooming room.

I picked Jay up this morning, as he knew that I was going to the next town this afternoon. He wanted to go with me, as he needed to pick up more floor tile. Ray is not comfortable with carpentry work, so Jay and I made this table for the Class B. It had to be the right length as it stores behind the sink on the wall there inside the side door. We did it on the table saw to get nice straight cuts, then rounded the corners with a jigsaw, using the outline of a coffee can as a template. Then contact cemented the Formica on it.

We left early enough so that we could go to the three thrift shops that are open on Mondays. Jay bought some jeans and an ice slushy maker, and I just got a burgundy liquid soap pumper, 25 cents, and a new box of cone coffee filters, 50 cents. Then to the doctor, who still wants to take the bone fragments out. They X-rayed my thumb three times, and said that there was no infection in the broken bone.

As I presumed that gas would go higher for Memorial Day weekend, I finally filled the truck up with gas, at $3.61 per gallon, so that I can find out how many MPG it gets. Though when I checked the speedometer against the mile markers on the freeway, I think it is running a tad slow, so I might not get a very accurate calculation when I fill it up next time. That is assuming that I can buy another tank of gas without getting a reverse mortgage !! Goodness knows what the cost of gas will be by then. When we left the gas station the fan on the air conditioning wouldn't come on. If it is not one thing, it is two others !! Maybe the truck went into shock from having a fillup, or saw the cost, and blew a fuse.

A hot day.

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