Thursday, May 15, 2008

Power Cord Chute, and More Drapes

A great day with the windows open, and no AC.
The cats have enjoyed being outside on the screen porch all day.

Ray had a little bit of time this morning, so we were going to put the fold-over couch/bed back in the Class B. It had been taken out so that we could access different things under it. We had already added little doors to the front. Jay had made a kind of chute to stop the main power cord, which comes in the rig on the left of the picture, from getting tangled in the plumbing lines. That is the water tank at the top. He had also made that box over the back of the converter, right, to protect all those wires. But he hadn't vented it, so we cut a slot in it and covered it with aluminum screen wire. It is also open at each end. We found a 110 v. junction box that Jay had not put a cover on, so we remedied that. The white plastic chute didn't go back under the power cord entry, so we made that longer, so that the cord will go in the right place when it is pushed in the cable hatch. People start tugging on power cords, and if they have got tangled up in plumbing and things, it can cause a lot of grief. The cord had already loosed the connections to the generator auto switch-over box. I like cords to have a designated space where they are not going to do any damage. I don't know why Coachmen didn't think of that. $$$ I expect.

I spent more time making the little door drapes, and like most things, the more I do, the faster they go.

Now it is a humid time of day.

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