Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last Drape. Lighthouse Pictures. Grooming

I awakened early as usual, took care of the cats and dogs needs. It was a lovely morning, but humid.

Ray arrived early, and we attached the gliders and installed the last side door drape, over the kitchen sink. We re-installed the newly painted stove top, and then pasted pictures of the lighthouses. One on each side of the mirror on the back wall in the bathroom. Those are both of St. Augustine lighthouse, and the other three in the kitchen, over the stove are the other three lighthouses that are on the drapes. We are going to spray them with clear polyurathane to protect them. It took some time, as we tried out different ways of doing it. The clear contact paper that I bought the other day, was a different brand from what I have had before, and it didn't behave right, and we wasted a lot of photo paper. It was too hot to do anymore. We still have to install the table in it's storage place on the back of the kitchen cabinet, just inside the side door.

I brought the cats in from the porch, as it is another scorcher today. I still had Mindi's dogs to groom, and I don't like to groom in the afternoon. I had some late lunch, and laid down to get my back rested from going up and down the steps into the Class B all morning. Of course, wouldn't you know it, the phone rang and woke me up after 5 minutes. I hate that, as I can never get back to sleep, so I dragged myself into the grooming room. I got Punkie and Shuggy cut down, and their face, feet and tails roughed in. Punkie is ready for her bath. There is still about an hour of finish scissor work on each one after they are bathed and dried.

I won't be finishing Shuggy today, her hair is longer and she is going to need a lot more brushing before she can be bathed. If you bathe a poodle when it has tangles they turn into clumpy matts. Poodles have to be cut down or brushed out completely before bathing. Then they have to be brush-dried ( brushing with a slicker brush while drying) so that they hair all stands out straight for scissoring. Poodles have hair that has to be cut like people, it just grows and grows, other dogs have fur that sheds. Shuggy will be back with the last of Mindi's poodles, Caesar, another day. I never have one here on it's own, as they get upset when away from the "pack". I need to schedule my grooming for the days that Ray is working elsewhere.

Even that little Chihuahua that was here for a few days, shed all over the place, and when I washed his blankies I had a thick layer of hair caught up in the dryer filter. If I were to have another dog, which I doubt, I would want one that doesn't shed !!

I had better go bathe Punkie, and get her finished today.

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