Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day. Snappers and Snapping.

The weather is lovely, and Jay and I installed the boxes along the ledges on each side of the Class B. We also installed two mirrors. One over the sink in the kitchen, round, like a port hole, and one in the bathroom.

The original burgundy drapes, and tiebacks, are up over the couch/bed. They are difficult to open and close, and I think it needs something to keep the sun out, during the day. I put cream day cellular blinds, the kind that you can see through, that I got at a thrift shop, in my RV. It sure does cut down on the glare. I am going to hunting in my attic, and see if I have any more.

Ray and I also found out that we are going to have more hardware to make this all come together. We measured the burgundy velour drape that goes around the inside of the windshield, and I don't have enough snappers. The shower curtain railing is really a pain as it is so small, so I will have to put a larger one in to give one some elbow room.

Chico was in one of his 'snapping turtle' moods, and made my hand bleed when I tried to take him for a walk. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. He is so loving one minute, and the next minute he is terribly ferocious. He would NOT go to bed in the grooming room, which he has wanted to do ever since he got here. I wasn't going to try to get him out from under my bed, so that is where he slept. I hoped he wouldn't pee or poopy on my carpet, as he refused to go outside, too. He has done that a time or two since he has been here. I didn't scold him, as he must have been through a lot of trauma since his "Mom" died. I just cleaned it up. Thank goodness a lady from the Chihuahua Rescue will get him tomorrow, as they know what to do with these 'turncoat' dogs. I heard that Chihuahuas are like this sometimes. I had a Long Coat Chihuahua, and he was sweet all the time, so I am not used to this.
So it was a 'snappers for the drapes', and a 'snapping' day.

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