Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting Hotter. Catching Up with Grooming

It started out like the other mornings, and the cats were quite content to be on the screen porch. But by about 1.30pm I had to bring them in as it was getting hot, especially as the sun is on the porch in the afternoon and evening. That is why there is a reed blind on one side, to keep it cooler in there. That is the blind that the cats are having such a great time taking apart reed by reed. They wouldn't have fooled with it, except I cut some off the bottom, and that started it. I will be glad when my little Red Maple is big enough to give shade on that south side of the house. Though probably not in my life time !! It is just above the bird feeder now.

Mindi's husband dropped off three of her poodles to be groomed. I said I would do 2-1/2 today, and 2-1/2 tomorrow. We will trade out 2 poodles tomorrow morning, so these three will spend the night. I have been their "Nanny" for many years while Mindi is flying (she is a stewardess), so they are used to being here, and are like my furbaby grandkids. She calls me at just about every other landing she makes, and likes to know how they are. If she doesn't call me, I leave a message on her voice mail each night with a report. One of them is very old, and we keep close watch on her.

I don't mix up different people's animals, so when I brought the kittens in this afternoon, I let them loose in the middle room. There is just a dutch door in between it and the grooming room, and I thought that they would have enough sense not to go over it. But they had to jump into the grooming room while I was grooming. Old Sheba (5 lb) and her son Jakey (6 lb) didn't pay too much attention to them, but fiesty Punkie (13 lb) who I was grooming, got all aquiver and seemed like she wanted to chase them. I held her near Boots, and they sniffed noses then I locked the kittens up in the big cage in the middle room. Seems like Boots is getting over her fear of dogs, I didn't think that she would come over that dutch door with dogs in there.

I picked up Jay this morning, as he is behaving right now, and gets bored if he stays at home. I went in the truck as he wanted to work on his bicycle here. He started looking at the fuses on the truck to see if that was the problem with the fan motor, they were all good, even the big ones under the hood. I had joined a Dodge Dakota forum when I got the truck, did a search there, and found out some info about resistors and stuff. Jay also washed the bed of the truck, it has a spayed in bed liner that looks a bit worn out and ratty, we will have to find out how to fix that. Jim the mechanic came by, and said he would look at the fan motor problem. So Ray and I took it down there. Jay fixed his bike, and he went home to tend to his sick mother and mow their yard.
Ray did his usual magic with a caulking gun loaded with cedar colored caulk, and fixed a little space that I didn't like under the toaster oven shelf, in the B. Then he stained and polyed the underside of the table Jay and I made yesterday. As it will be seen every time the second door is opened on the side of the B, it needs to look nice. He even primed and painted the pole holder that will be mounted on the bottom of the table, a shimmery pearly almond to match the table top. I had ascertained that the propane tank wasn't on, and I started to take the 2-burner stove out. It is grubby and needs attention, but Ray had to leave.

In between keeping Jay and Ray busy with different projects, I was trying to groom the dogs. I finally had them done by about 5.15 pm. I fed everybody, and the poodles are in here with me while the kittens roam the grooming room. I try not to leave them locked up in the cage.

A hot busy day.

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