Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Picked up Dakota Parts and Tub for Class B.

It has warmed up again, tank top and shorts weather. But as I had to go to the next town south to the Dodge dealership, I wore a little summer dress. Not my normal attire !
Jay wanted to go with me, as he really needed a haircut. He didn't need to be on his own, anyway, as his mother was driven back to Houston for more procedures on her liver cancer. She will be in hospital for the night, so her little dog, Mae Mae, (previously my late husband's dog), is here with me.

Jay and went into our little town first to pick up some parts for the Dakota at O'Reilly's, on our way to the Dodge house. All these parts were to make BOTH wipers work, as only one was operational. As I said before, no wonder the PO, who works at a car dealer, got it inspected for me, as it would never have passed around here ! We got most of the parts at the two places, and decided to hit a few thrift shops while we were there. Jay bought a couple of shirts, and I bought a new roll of "chrome" molding for one of the vehicles. He got his hair cut while I wandered around Michael's, a craft store next door. We had a bite to eat at a Mexican place, came back and dropped off the parts at the mechanics, and I took Jay home.

The RV store called and said that the bathtub had come in, so as Jay didn't want to be on his own, worrying about his mother, he rode along. This time we going north to another little town. The RV store there, called Convenience RV, has a lovely campground, and it always seems to have plenty of RVs dotted among the trees. They even have a stocked fish pond, and a full service repair facility. We picked up the tub, and some new locks for the generator and battery compartment for the B.

Before we set out we had decided to go farther north right into that town and eat at a very nice restaurant there, that we have been going to occasionally for over 10 years. It had changed owners, and they didn't have the item that we wanted on their menu anymore, so we left.

We drove back to our town, and tried out a new Chinese restaurant that had just opened. It didn't have a really Chinesy atmosphere and their prices are too high for this little town. The Shrimp Egg Fu Yung was good, but the egg rolls tasted like they came out of a box from Sam's Warehouse. But it did make a change, as we only have 6 Mexican restaurants and one Pizza Shack in town. There is MacDonald's, Jack In The Box, Taco Bell and Popeye's up on the freeway for the travelers who will eat fried fast food.

This is the professional photographer's picture of my two foster babies, Boots and Minkie, that is now on our local SPCA's business cards. Maybe that will find them some good homes.

So I ate out twice in one day.

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Sandra said...

What a beautiful shot of the kitties! I was going to give you credit for it till I read it was a professional job. You shouldn't have mentioned that part! LOL