Monday, May 26, 2008

Remember Our Troops. Found Kitten in a Bag.

I hope that you are all enjoying Memorial Day. We all need to give thanks to those who kept this country free. Just think what our troops are going through right now, too.

It started out nice, and the cats enjoyed being on the porch, but I brought them in midday again. Emma, the cat who I will be boarding for a week, arrived. I put a Kitty condo, her box, dishes and toys in the big German Shepherd cage. I left the door open so that she could wander around in the grooming room. I can't mix up people's animals, so I had to lock her up when I brought my kittens in from the heat. She doesn't like them, and hisses at them. She will get over it. Right now it is her turn to be loose in there again, and my kittens are locked up in a cage in the middle room. If she were boarded at a kennel she would be locked up in a cage all the time.

Ray and I just did a few 'catch-up' jobs and that took until after lunchtime. As the Class B still won't start without a battery charger, and Jim the mechanic hasn't had time to look at it, we ran heavy duty cords out to it to use the AC. It was humid, even this morning. We got Super Velcro on the shower curtain, and the sides of the shower. Or rather I did, as Ray had trouble getting in there. It must be for bathing kids !! Boy, I thought the shower was small in my B+, but it seems huge now. I hadn't really made up my mind which shower curtain to put in there, but decided on an almond one with burgundy shells on it. The burgundy Dryon shower curtain that I had bought for it, made it too dark in the shower.

Ray sprayed several coats of polyurathane on the lighthouse pictures, and put one more coat of poly on the table for the B. We still have to attach the pole holders and I have to go south of the next town to buy two poles the correct length. The table was missing when the B got here, but I found a picture of this model so I know what it is supposed to look like.

Jay used to vacuum for me sometimes, as he knows it hurts my back, and I had been asking him to see why my Panasonic vacuum cleaner didn't have as much suction as it used to. He never looked at it, he just stuck it in the garage. Ray found out that Jay had let the vacuum suck up a cat toy and it was blocking the tube. It sucks up the tube all the time, so that you don't have to attach the hose each time you want to use it. Ray had to take the cleaner apart and push the blockage out with a broom stick. Great, now I don't have to lug my big upright shop commercial Hoover into the house all the time. The workshop has big rubber backed mats like the stores have, all over it, and that commercial Hoover is great on them.

After we quit for the day, I took my trash to the dumpsters. In the trash I saw this athletic bag move and wondered what made it do that. I used a pole in case it was a snake, and there was this little gray fluffy kitten zipped up in there. How could anyone do that ? It let me pet it, and seemed quite tame, as long as it was in the bag. I brought it home, of course, and put it on the screen porch, so now my cats can't go out there. I can't bring it in the grooming room with my kittens and Emma in there. I put food out for it, and it ate readily, but everytime I open the patio door it runs and hides, so I can't even get a picture of it, or pet it again. I am sorry that it has to be in the heat out there, but that is better than being zipped up in a bag and left to die. I will put up another cage somewhere and get it in the AC, but not in the grooming room with the other cats. If I can ever catch it !!

Another rescue day.

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