Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Cleaned Stove, and installed more Drapes.

Here is the clean stove, and the drapes on the back doors.

As three of Mindi's poodles had spent the night, I took them out first thing this morning, and my knees felt weak. I just knew that I couldn't face another day of grooming 2-1/2 more today, plus all the other things that I have to do. So I called Mindi's husband and asked him not to bring the other two today, and that I would do them tomorrow. Jay and Ray would be gone, and I wouldn't be trying to get stuff done in the workshop and the grooming room at the same time, like yesterday. If I had my "druthers", I would have gone back to bed as soon as the poodles were picked up, which is very, very rare for me. I gave the cats their last dose of the three day de-worming at 6.10 am. and put them out on the screen porch. They could not have their breakfast for two hours after their medicine, so I try to do it before I have even had my coffee.

I picked up Jay and a bunch of lumber that he wanted to rip on my table saw. He is making his own inside trim for his windows and doors. He and Ray are supposed to get it sanded, and polyurathaned tomorrow. Ray wasn't going to be here until after 1.00pm, as he had another job to do today. I took out the rest of the stove and it's cover, out of the Class B, and sprayed it down with Super Clean, used to be Castrol Super Clean. We use that for cleaning just about everything around here. It comes in a gallon at WalMart Auto Dept., ($7) and you can use it straight for cleaning engines, or diluted for cleaning mini-blinds, vinyl seats, counter tops or what ever. That got the grease off it, but there were some places that the grease was so baked on, that I had to use oven cleaner. I took the whole thing apart, and one of the nuts and bolts that hold a burner on the bottom, had to be cut off with a sawzall. Jay and I put more carriers and snaps on the drapes that I had made, and we got all but two, hung. It was time for me to take Jay and his lumber home. It was starting to get hot, so I brought the cats back in. Yesterday we had a record heat for that day, 20th May, 95 deg.

Ray arrived and he started cleaning up the parts of the stove that I had left soaking with oven cleaner with some fine steel wool. I still can't grip anything too tightly with my left hand. We discovered that we were going to be able to save the top without having to paint it with high heat gloss paint. I can't believe it came that clean. But the little chrome part where the knobs go, had pitted and we could not get it to look good, so Ray painted that with Rustoleum Hammered black paint, which would cover up the pitted look, and would match the black grates. The stove cover looked bad, too, so he painted that with some almond appliance epoxy paint, to match the counter top. It will take one final coat tomorrow. The underneath part of the stove was a mess. It had been used carelessly and they had let all the food spills accumulate under there forever. But it finally came clean, and Ray and I got it all back together. I can't understand someone having a gas stove and letting all that spilled over food just stay underneath. The gas stove in my house is an RV stove, older than the one in the B, and if I happen to let something boil over, I take the top off and clean it up right away, so it looks new under there. While we were at it, we painted the top of my gas stove with white High Heat Gloss Paint. It had already been painted with high heat paint but it wasn't gloss, so I had really ordered the gloss for it. So I am not using it tonight, I am using my little electric pressure cooker instead.

So I never did get to lie down today. I just kept on going. Mindi called, and as she will be off tomorrow, she wants to spend the day with her "babies", so I won't be grooming them tomorrow.

Maybe it will be a rest day.

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Sandra said...

You are one busy person! Don't know how you do it, I sure wish I had your energy! Must be the Brit coming out in you. My cousin's wife is 80 and still bicycles from the south of England up into Scotland and cycles around New Zealand every other year or so.

I sure like the chrome stove better than my black one. I find the black top really difficult to clean.