Sunday, May 18, 2008

Showed the Class B, and sold a TV finally.

Another day spring day with the windows open and no air conditioning. Just didn't need it.

I did a few liitle jobs to the Class B, but I didn't have anyone here to help me attach any more carriers to the drapes. I had some local folks coming to look at it, and I explained that it would be finished very soon. I had listed it on Craigslist to test the water, so to speak.

I had listed the Merry Miler on Craigslist to see what responses I would get, before fooling with the hassle of eBay. It sold to some folks in Houston very quickly. Sometimes things sell right away and sometimes it takes a while on Craigslist. It isn't so much the hassle with eBay, it is that the winners often have no intentions of buying. I sold the Coachmen Class C twice on eBay, but the high bidders never even came to look at it, or pay the depost. In the end I traded it, and some cash to me, for the Little Van through Craigslist. I still have the Little Van, but as it doesn't have insurance on it, I don't drive it. I can't use that fancy Little Van with all the clean plush velour, and immaculate carpet, and beautiful oak for hauling stuff. I am thinking about building a little "tailgate kitchen" in the back, sort of like the "teardrop" trailers have. It already has a couch/bed and ice chest in it. That might make it sell. Just adding something different makes it more appealing when there is a lot of competition.

Back to the Class B. They liked it, but apparently she would have to "haul several suitcases on top to hold all her clothes". I don't think that she is an RVer. How many clothes do you need to carry to go camping ? You are traveling, who sees them twice ? It has quite a large closet, and a couple of big cupboards with shelves, and there is a lot of room for clothes that have been sucked flat in space bags, under the bed, etc. If she needs to haul a mess of costumes for a Renaissance or somewhere, she doesn't need to be looking at a B. The listing clearly stated that it sleeps 2, and then I find out that there is a 6-year old, too. They did discuss making a bunk bed across from side to side for him. They came in a big pick up truck, towing a utility trailer, so I wonder why they are not looking at Airstream trailers. I think that is more her style. He liked it though. But, I don't expect to hear from them again.

Speaking of big trucks, a man came from Houston to buy this LCD TV/DVD with surround sound speakers on this black glass stand that I have had on Craigslist for ages. I had just re-newed the ad, and this time it sold. I hooked up the TV, and showed him that it worked. He got it all in the four door cab of his truck.

I am so glad to get that out of my way today.

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