Thursday, May 8, 2008

Stain,Poly. Made table. Medical $ Machine !

Another nice day with the screen doors closed and no AC needed until the evening, when it gets humid.

I had taken some Aleve last night, and it did help the throbbing in my thumb, and it didn't hurt as much this morning as it had yesterday.

Ray spent quite a bit of time staining and polyuranthing the little storage boxes that go along the ledge, and that little sliding drawer, for the Class B. It was so nice to be able to work on the outside tables again.
I made a little table, and didn't have any trouble drilling the holes, and countersinking holes to put the braces on the back of it. No drill bits went through any body parts today. Though I had to use the chop saw to cut boards, as I can't really hold anything with my left thumb. I bet you right-handed folk didn't realize how much you use your left thumb to hold things still for your right hand !

I knew that I needed a tetanus shot, so I went to the doctor this afternoon. They soaked my thumb in some Betadine, and said that it needed to be X-rayed. Golly, all this fuss over two little holes. So it was X-rayed from three different angles. I got my shot, and then the doctor told me that the drill bit had broken the bone in the top of my thumb, so now the medical dollar machine has started to grind. I have to see a hand specialist, (more co-pay than regular doctor) on Monday. That, and take 2 anti-biotics for 10 days.

Three dogs to be groomed, but no bathing dogs for a few days.

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