Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some More Drapes Done in Class B

It was a warm day again today, with high humidity, too.

The kittens were glad to sleep in the grooming room without being locked up in a big cage, now that the dog is gone. This morning they scampered out to the screen porch for their breakfast, and even when it was warm they still didn't want to come in until their dinnertime. They have been pulling a reed blind apart, reed by reed, and that is so much fun. I let them do it, as it was old, and needed replacing anyway, and it gives them something to do.

Ray and I got a late start as he had to go somewhere, so I used that time to do more sewing on the door drapes. This is the first time since I hurt my thumb that I was able to push the fabric through the machine, comfortably.

First off we were going to put the battery in the truck, but we decided to prime and paint the battery tray first. So we had to wait to put the battery in. We got the snappers screwed into the front of the van and attached to the windshield drape. Then unsnapped it and put it away in the top cabinet in the entertainment center. Gee, that big cabinet is handy.
We got the little glider carriers attached to the top of the door drapes, and this is a picture of the "dry run", as they are not finished yet. Three more doors to go. I have a few more of the little carriers coming, as I found some on eBay for $10. All the RV catalogs had them in bulk at $137, and I didn't need that many.

Jay called this afternoon and wanted me to take him to Lowes in the next town to get lumber to make a pantry, and more floor tile for his house. He is getting bored staying at home. He put the new battery in the truck, and off we went. He bought the lumber, and the last 48 squares they had of his pattern of tile, and I delivered it, and him, to his house. He wants to come back to work, but he had been drinking again. That means that he won't be able to think straight for days because once he starts drinking he cannot stop. Some folks just have that switch in their head, and it only takes an ounce of alcohol to turn it on. What a waste of a life !

That was it for today.

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