Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Got Sidetracked Weeding Hedge. Cat fight !

Another nice day....for a while., then it got hot and humid again. I let the 6-toed kitten on the screen porch for a while, even though he is in a BIG dog carrier, I thought it would be change for him.

I was waiting for Mindi's husband to bring the two poodles to be groomed. I just puttered around doing odd jobs, and he never showed up. But Ray did, his pressure washing job down the road got cancelled for today. Good thing I didn't go get another poodle down the street that is waiting to be groomed. I don't mind doing Mindi's dogs while Emma, the cat boarder, is here, as they know each other, but I don't know what would happen if I brought a strange poodle in here, even though I would have locked her up in the big cage. I'll wait to do Mikey until after Emma has gone home. Emma still hisses at Minkie and Boots, and I know there would be fur flying if they met without bars between them. I just let them take turns being loose in the room.

Ray and I installed the new faucet on the plant sink on the porch. We found out why we couldn't stop the old one from leaking, the place where the seat screws in, was cracked.

Yesterday when I was at Big Lots, I bought an electric hedge trimmer. I know, you RV fulltimers don't have to worry about mowing and hedge trimming, but I do. Jay used to bring his up here to do it, but I needed my own. Why not, I have every other tool imaginable ! Ray trimmed the 100' long Privet hedge along my fence. I planted it to keep the north wind off the back yard and the back of the house. In England, Privet doesn't lose it leaves in the winter, but this does, so it isn't much of a wind break. Maybe when it gets more established it won't shed, I hope.

When May was working here it was one of her jobs to keep it, and the long Aloe Vera bed in that trough in front of it, weeded and raked. It gets pine needles stuck in the Aloe, and under the hedge. She hasn't been here for a while so it was a mess. Jay, Ray and I had been working on more important things, like RVs. It is all watered by an underground soaker hose which I manually turn on when needed, and it shuts off by itself, or I would forget about it. The other light green foliage in the background is across the street. There are cattle grazing there, and sometimes deer.

The new hedge trimmer worked great, I didn't know if a cheapie would do the job, but it did. Ray and I armed ourselves with gloves, snippers, and pliers to try to pull the vine's roots out, so they wouldn't grow back. Some had nasty stickers on them. We got carried away and worked on it for several hours, and it still isn't all done. There was even some poison ivy, oak or sumac climbing up one of the pine trees. Ray attacked that with Round-Up, he isn't allergic to Poison Ivy, so I let him do it. It climbed up another tree a couple of years ago, and I sprayed the leaves with Round-Up, and it has never come back.

The other picture is of two cats fighting through the door to the grooming room. Needless to say, I couldn't catch the real action shot. "Boots" was in the kitchen, and the boarder, "Emma" was in the grooming room. That thing on the door is a shade that I turned upside down and inside out, so that I can pull it up from the bottom and hook it on hooks on the door at various levels. I put that there so that dogs in the grooming room can't see Bobcat walking by, and start barking, but I can still check on them. The cats have pulled the lace trim loose, so I have to stick it back on again.

A weeding day.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Well Penny looks like everything is coming together! You are sooo talented!

Joe and Sherri