Friday, May 9, 2008

Vehicle Problems. De-winterized the house.

It has been a lot hotter today. I hope it isn't going to be like this for the next 6-7 months. Though it usually is.

I had to go to the doctor's office for a blood test this morning, and the truck wouldn't start, so I went in the Puddle Jumper. When I got back, I put a battery charger on it, and that didn't help. Jim came and tested it, and the battery is no good. So poor little old Puddle Jumper will have to go all the way to Wal-Mart to get a new battery tomorrow.

Ray was concerned about his car, it was suddenly losing about a quart of oil a day. He took it down to Jim's, (the mechanic), and found out it was the oil sending unit leaking. So Puddle Jumper, Ray and I went into town to get one. That solved that. I have seen PCV valves do that, too.

Ray and I de-winterized the house. I am on top of a hill and there are just fields on the north side. There is a terrible biting cold wind on the north side in the winter, especially when those Canadians send down a "Blue Norther" . My water lines, and water heater are in the attic, so we cover the soffit vents on the north side in the winter, with board insulation. The attic can still breathe from the south side, and the tall ceiling in the workshop. We also cover the inside of the turbos, and other vents in the roof in the winter. Even though the water pipes in the attic are insulated, it not only stops them from freezing, but helps keep the hot water warm in the pipes. Then the long trough of aloe vera, on the north side, has fabric screwed to the trough so that it can be flipped over to protect the aloe during a freeze, see picture. That was all unscrewed, the fabric washed, and put up. The soffit covers were all put up, too.

Ray applied the last coat of polyurathane on the parts for the Class B, so maybe they can be installed tomorrow. He also did his usual great job of caulking around the new tub. We tried out the faucets, and hand held sprayer, and it is working. We tried out the Dryon shower curtain, and he even got in the tub to see how the curtain would work, as it is such a little shower track. It doesn't give enough room, the new tub is deeper and wider, and I am going to have to sew it a bit differently. I have been staying away from the sewing machine, as it is difficult to feed material through the machine with a bad left thumb, and it hurts to touch things with it.

Tomorrow will have to be a sewing day.

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