Thursday, May 22, 2008

Unexpected attic stairs fix. Side Door Drapes

It was drizzling rain when I got up. I had wanted to sleep in, as I was in the chat room till late. But I woke up at 6.00 am as usual. Turned the coffee pot on, and let Bobcat out on the screen porch to watch the rain. That is her routine, she wants the porch all to herself first thing in the morning, for about an hour, and then she wants to come back in and have her little bit of Special Diet canned food for breakfast. While she is out there I drink my coffee and check my mail, that is my routine. Then I put the kittens out there with their two little dishes of canned breakfast, and their dry cat food. Then I am dressed by 7.45 am.

When I had taken Jay home with his lumber yesterday, he had laid it out on saw horses so that Ray could sand and poly it today. I heard through the scuttlebutt grapevine that he had been drinking last night, so I knew that the lumber would be wet. Can't sand or poly wet lumber ! I told Ray that I didn't think that he would be working at Jay's today. Ray won't go around Jay if he has been drinking, anyway. Ray went down there, on schedule this morning, and got conned into taking Jay into the next town to return some gun nails and stuff. That means Jay drank all his money, and he will be hocking his tools. What a way to live !!

I just sauntered around doing some extra jobs, like deep cleaning and disinfecting cat boxes, sweeping the porch floor, and watering the plants, when Ray arrived. If I had known that he was going to be here, I would have sewn the one last drape for the Class B door windows. We went up my attic stairs, (not the new stairs we installed in the guest house a little while back,) to look at my Bissell carpet and upholstery cleaning machine. It needs a part that broke the last time it was being used. We figured out how to fix that, and next time I am in town I will pick up the parts. We use that old Bissel a lot.

The attic stairs felt weird and loose, so we investigated and found out that some big blind rivits had pulled through the wood that cover the stairs in the up position. Ray brought in the big step ladder, and we figured out what to do to it. We ratted through my carriage bolt bin and found some the right length, with lock washers and nuts to fit. I held the stairs up while Ray drilled holes the diameter of the carriage bolts just below where the blind rivets had pulled through, and we bolted the new carriage bolts in place. Now it is solid and better than new.

Then Ray lightly sanded and sprayed the final coat of epoxy appliance paint on the stove cover for the Class B. He had to do it just inside the workshop door as it might start raining again, or get pine needles on it, like it did yesterday. We put my stove back together now that the paint is dry. Then we attacked door drapes again, and attached carriers and snaps to more of them. Here is a picture of one more door done. One half a door to go. Hopefully we will get that done tomorrow when we re-install the stove cover.

I brought the kittens back into the grooming room as it was getting hot on the porch by early afternoon.

And we called it a day.

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