Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tub In. Shelf finished. Chico.

I picked up Jay, and it was a lovely Spring day, and no humidity to speak of. We got the water lines fitted on to faucet behind the tub, and there was just enough clearance to close the back door. We had already made a new little access panel behind the tub, before we knew that the old tub was no good, but we had to shim it out slightly at the top, to accomodate the little extra depth.

We finished the toaster oven shelf, and I think it looks better than it did. The toaster oven is now in there, and all operational. The broiler/baking tray is wrapped up in a kitchen towel to stop it from rattling.

By then it was time to take the kittens to Adoption Day. Kenya wanted to see Chico, so we took him too, so I had two pet carriers belted in the little back seats in the truck. The kittens have a two storey cage set up for them each time, and Minkie started playing with the toys right away. Boots just sits in a corner watching everyone go by. A lady took a picture of her two daughters holding them, but she didn't fill out an application. These kittens love to be held, and I think that they enjoy Adoption Day. I left Chico in the carrier, as they set up about 15-20 cages of different sizes there the night before, and each cage is booked for a certain animal to be shown. He was an afterthought, and didn't have one slated for him.

Jay and I left the animals there, and went to Lowe's as Jay wanted to buy a bathroom vanity for his house that is nearly finished.
We looked at them, and faucets there, and went on to Home Depot. Jay finally settled on a vanity and faucet, and bought the faucet pigtails, shut offs to hook it up. Then we had to go back to Lowes for things that they didn't have at HD ! Like the small cans of All Purpose Glue for the CPVC and PVC pipe. That glue doesn't store well, so there is no use getting a large one.

Then we went back to Petco to pick up Chico. Kenya took some pictures of him to put on He had been put in cage and some folks showed interest in him. Even though he is already neutered, he has to go through intake, have a vet examine him, and be vaccinated before he can be adopted.

When Chico's "Mama" died he was taken in by a relative, who passed him on to someone I know, who tried to place him in three different homes before he was handed over to me. He doesn't care for children, and he is scared of men. He is a good, quiet boy, and housebroken, but all the recent events have been traumatic for him, so he is a little apprehensive as he doesn't know what is going on. His whole life has been turned upside down. This is what pets have to go through when their people die. PLEASE MAKE PROVISIONS FOR YOUR PETS. This is why I don't want a pet who would outlive me, and why I didn't keep my darling little Dumpy. (Picture 27th. April 2008) That's the little kitten I rescued, dying and hurt, out of a dumpster. I will just stick with my old Bobbiecat.

So we came all the way back home, Jay got his vanity off the truck, and I got Chico comfy back in the dog room. By this time I was getting a bit tired. I thought that I would take a half hour nap before driving back into Conroe to pick up the kittens. But Oh No ! Someone woke me up after 10 minutes, to try to sell me Payless Shoes, even though I am on the "Do Not Call List". So I just went on in, and picked up the kittens. When I got home I fed Chico, the cats and me, and tried to write this blog. The pictures wouldn't stay put, and even disapperared and had to be re-loaded. The words wouldn't behave either. There must be an easier way for me to just keep track of what I do.

Whew, a busy day.

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