Friday, May 16, 2008

Re-installed the Couch/Bed. Drapes and Photos.

A lovely spring day, so I had the windows open, and no AC until later when the humidity rolled in.

Ray and I got the couch/bed back in place. It was fun trying to figure out how it went back together, as we hadn't taken it out of there. The back flips all the way over to the front of the couch and makes a bed. So there are two weirdly shaped metal arms on each side of the back which has to be the right way up and the right way around for it all to fit together. I think Ray and I took the back outside and turned it around, or turned it over, three times before it all worked out right, and could be bolted back in.

I spent a lot more time on making the drapes, and working on the ad for selling this Class B. As we get each part completed, I have been trying to take pictures of this B that can be sent in an album to prospective buyers. So I was sorting out which pictures should be for that album. Most of the pictures I take, are just snapshots to record what we did. I just store a jillion of them in AOL's Picture Storage, and then pick some out to store in a separate album.

Just a productive day.

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