Friday, May 23, 2008

Trying to find parts for Bissell. Lighthouses.

It has been a nice day, though it got hot in the afternoon. I brought the cats in from the screen porch before I went into town this morning.

I had a list, we all need to consolidate our trips now that operating a vehicle has gone out of sight. My truck was ready at Jim, the mechanics here down my street. I had to go to town to get the cash to pay him. He would have taken a check, but I had to go into town to put money in that account anyway. I was all prepared to go in the un-air conditioned Puddle Jumper, but he told me to take the truck.

I tried to make a route, to go to all the places on one side of the street, and come back and do the ones on the other side. So I started out at the Dollar General for paper goods, then to the bank. Crossed the road to the hardware store to try to find a fitting that would fit the Bissell carpet cleaner. The threads are non standard, so I guess I will have to go to Graingers when I am in the next town.

Then to the doctor's office to ask the nurse about a prescription they wrote for Fosamax, which I know makes me feel bad. Needless to say, I didn't get to see her, as I would have had to wait too long. On to Krogers, now that they have the $4 generic prescriptions and got some new generic for high cholesterol. I hope it doesn't make my muscles hurt, statin drugs usually do. I got a few other things there that I needed, including some clear Contact paper. Came back to our subdivision, and went straight to Jim's to pay him for fixing the truck air conditioner, that was just a loose connection on the resistor. But he had to put new front brake pads on the front brakes, and have the rotors turned. The brakes feel a lot better.

After lunch I finished sewing the one last door drape. Now they all have the little lighthouse inserts in them. I took one of the top window drapes down and got the burgundy lining sewn in it. It looks a lot better.

Then I did a search and found pictures of all the lighthouses that are on the drapes. They are pictures of real lighthouses, and I even found out where these lighthouses are.

So this was my lighthouse day.

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