Sunday, April 3, 2011

First Things First. Why Does God Allow Suffering? Why Believe in God? Car Door. Cats. Cargo Trailer.

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First Things First
"Matthew 6:33 tells us very clearly that we have to put first things first in our life."


What should be the response of Christians to suffering?

Why believe in a god?

"If there is no God, who decides what's good and what's bad? Can we all decide for ourselves individually? How would we go about figuring out what "good" is? What if your definition clashes with and even interferes with mine; then what do we do?"

SAM_0778-1 Yesterday, Jim, (the mechanic down the street), and Ray put the 'new' door on Ray's wrecked car. 
Someone with 28 acres to fool around on, had rammed a 4-wheeler into it.  The damaged door wouldn't close properly, so it had to be fastened closed, making it very awkward for Shay, the passenger, as she had to get in and out the driver's side. Also the mirror was broken off.

SAM_0807-1 The insurance company wanted to total the car, but Ray didn't want to do that.  He loves that car, so Ray and his son went to Houston, found another door, and it even had a good mirror on it.

The interior of the 'new' door matches the inside of the car, so when they fix the other dents, the outside can be painted to match.

Blackie and Orange Glow were taking it easy on Ray and Shay's porch, enjoying this nice weather.  I got these chairs for them, and made the floral slip covers last year, and they use them all the time.
They know these are 'their' chairs!  It is funny how they never get in each other's chairs.

The bottle-fed kittens are gaining weight, so I must be doing something right.  They don't squeal and squall to be fed like they used to.

Jay and I tacked up the first part of the ceiling in the cargo trailer, and started making the closet.
I will probably have to put rosettes on the ceiling, so we made a template for the screw holes, so that they would be aligned all through the trailer, and temporarily screwed it up.  We had to make sure that all the wires to the running lights were exposed, and we will make a removable crown molding, or something, to go over them.
The AC gets installed under the closet, so as it is getting warmer here, we want to tackle that as soon as the framework for the closet is in place. 

That is as far as we got, today.


An English Shepherd said...

Lucky you found the same door for the car. Cute cats ;-)

Dizzy-Dick said...

Those film clips are great. And that red door sure sets the car apart from others. OK, here is the big question, is he going to paint the whole car red or the door to match the dark blure car?

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Thank you for your comments, Wizz and Dizzy-Dick.

I had found a door for it locally, also red, but they found a cheaper one in Houston with the interior color to match the car.
As there is still more body damage to the car, when they repair that, they will repaint that side the same teal-blue color.

So glad you liked the videos.

Rod Ivers said...

Its a shame that we have to just take the money that the insurance company is offering and fix stuff ourselves. But in the end he will feel much better about the car, knowing it has been repaired right!