Friday, June 6, 2008

Well, Is It Going to Rain, or Isn't It ?

Ray and I worked on the Class B table storage mount a little bit this morning. Boy, was it humid ! You wanted it to come a downpour just to clear the air.

We did move our work back into the workshop at one time, as it rained three drops. I didn't take any pictures, as Ray got called away, and we didn't get it finished.

Mindi postponed bringing the dogs to later in the month, so I didn't have to move Emma, the cat boarder, out of the big cage to a smaller one, to make room for the big black Lab. Emma's "Mama" called, and she will be here Sunday afternoon to pick her up. I think that Emma is a scared of thunder, as she didn't want to eat her dinner tonight. Or maybe she is just tired of being here.

Three drops of rain weren't going to get it, so I turned on the watering system to the hedge, and row of Aloe Vera. So, of course, it started to rain. I turned the water off. But the rain stopped, so I turned the water back on again. Then it started to thunder and rain a little bit again, I turned the faucet off again. So now I am playing musical faucet, instead of animals.

I was supposed to go into our little town, but I don't like to drive with speeding idiots on wet roads, so I will go tomorrow when I have to go to the next town for Adoption Day.

It is still not raining, but a thundering day.

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