Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back to Class B. Screen Porch Cleaning.

It seems strange to have "Little T" gone, but now the work begins. I still couldn't let my cats out on the porch until I had cleaned and disinfected the box out there, mopped the floor, and washed the rugs, etc.

I was doing that while Ray took off these ghastly pieces of tin/flashing that someone had siliconed on top of the two front doors on the Class B. See bottom of picture. I was clever enough to crop that out of my pictures to share. What a way to do things. That darned silicone is so hard to remove, and I wish folks would keep it away from RVs and use the proper stuff. I think I know why they put it there; to stop AC condensation from dripping over the front doors. It took a long time to get that tin off there and the residue cleaned up, and Ray cut his arm on it. Not bad, just a one Bandaid cut. I had bought some drip cap to replace it, but the conformation wasn't right. I looked in my RV catalogs, and saw that the flexible Gutter System, made of poly-vinyl, might work.

We also tried out the table with the table pedestals, and that wasn't going to work. The original table must have been a lot narrower, and it seemed to take up too much room in such a small aisle. Even from pictures of this model, the original table seems overwhelming, so maybe that is why the PO got rid of it. So we went back to Plan A, and are going to use the little maple one. I think most folks in B's eat on the picnic table, or carry one of those light aluminum fold up tables anyway. When we went in a B, we used a dining canopy or small screen house over the picnic table as our outside living room.

Really, we did that in the Class A, too. It is so much nicer to be outside, and I am too short to be fooling with putting an awning in and out, so we never used ours. We kept it strapped down, so that it couldn't unfurl while traveling, and that was too much hassle for me to try to do all that. We have all seen what an awning coming unfurled going down the road can do to a rig. I would rather contend with a WalMart dining canopy, or one of those "Throw up in the air, and it comes down as a little screen room" things. They are easy to fold back up if you follow the directions, and use several people's feet to hold it still while you fold it !!

After lunch, I went north to the RV store and got some Gutter System, as they would sell it to me by the foot. Because of the angle that the B is parked, when we were using the roof AC the condensation would drip over the back doors and if I opened one, it would run inside. So I measured the width and now Gutter System should redirect that water to each side. It is because of the way that this fiberglass top is mounted to the van, that the regular van gutters can't do their job.

I went to an auto parts store and they had one of those gauges where you can screw a threaded something on it, and it will tell you what size thread it is. Hooray, I found the right thread to fit the thing that is broken on my carpet cleaning machine, so I bought a barb fitting, some of the right diameter hose, clamps, and maybe I can get that fixed.

The cable is out, so this is a dial-up day.

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