Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Finally Got Around To It ! Re-potted Some Aloe.

I finally got around to it! Yes, this is the picture of my 'Round Tu-It' !! It has been hanging in the workshop ever since we had to cut a hole for the little round sink in the bathroom of my vintage Venture motor home.

Yes, I finally got out on the screen porch this morning, and repotted a couple of my big aloe plants. I measured and some of these have leaves 30" long, and had so many babies that I had to get an 18" wide, low profile, pot to house them all. I repotted the first two big aloe in two big pots, and I still had to use three more pots of the middle size to replant some of the older 'pups' . These are just the ones on the porch, I still have a trough 100' long in the back yard, full of Aloe. I should have started selling them a couple of years ago.

I had to go into town to get a few things this afternoon, and a violent wind just suddenly came up and was blowing branches and twigs all over the streets. Then it rained hard, and I had to drive slowly to get home safely. Emergency vehicles were clanging and going every which way. I wanted to see if one of the tall pines had dropped on my house or the RVs, but all was well. Just a bunch of pine twigs and needles all over the lawn. So I know what I will be doing tomorrow, raking.

So I had my potting day.

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Speedy said...

Everything looking good Penny. Been a while since I was able to check out your journal. Appears that you have made a lot of headway. It was nice seeing you on chat last night. I see you have some chatters living down there close to you.

Joe and Sherri