Sunday, June 15, 2008

RV-Dreams Rally Over. Computer problems.

I wasn't even there, but I was reading about the Rally in Branson in the blogs of the attendees, and the main journal of RV-Dreams, and it seemed that it went so fast. Some of the folks that were at the rally were sitting around a table in the big tent with their laptops 'chatting' online to each other, and with the folks that weren't there. Hilarious. Now maybe the RV-Dreams chat room can get back to normal.

They all had a great time, except Becky who broke her leg right at the beginning, and should be out of the hospital now. Then Jenny's brother died while she was at the rally, so she had to leave early, and go to TN. She had traveled nearly 2,000 miles on a bus to be there, (cheaper than driving her RV from Spokane), what a blow for her. I am thinking of you Jenny and Becky, and my best wishes to you both.

Today we attacked the lumber pile. It is on racks along the side fence which is hidden by a line of bushes growing on the other side. It hadn't been gone through for a while, so it needed sorting out. It is going to be moved around to the other side of the house, for a while, while the white rail fence gets painted. There isn't too much, just some treated lumber that we use for different projects like mending the fence, carports, making decks and steps. etc. Then if ever we have to store anything on the ground, we can get some treated lumber to put it on. But some lumber needed to be thrown out, so it was loaded on the truck.

My desk computer has been having some problems lately, and I have been in touch with Live Chat Technical Support at length, a couple of times. The stuff that the Techs want me to do, it won't do. I keep it 'defragged', 'disk clean', 'cache cleared', and I tried 'msconfig', and 'prefetch', so I don't know why it is acting up, but it starts freezing up again. Maybe something is going out in it again, or maybe it is the cable company. I might have to switch over to my laptop after all. Or back to my very old Compaq which doesn't like this LCD flat screen, so I would have to drag out the big old bulky monitor, and I don't want to do that. I lost my computer neighbor friend to cancer this last February, and I am scared to mess with my new (to me) laptop, so I have never used it. But I might have to now.

It seems weird without Boots and Minkie, my foster kittens, but Minkie should be back soon.

Again just Bobcat and me today.

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