Monday, June 2, 2008

8 Dogs, 5 Cats !! Neutered Mouse !!

I was awakened by the doorbell chiming at 6.00 am. I knew that Mindi was bring two of her Poodles to be groomed, but she had to go out of town overnight, and she brought 8 (yes, eight) of her dogs. 5 Poodles, 1 smooth Dachshund (Weiner Dog) and 2 Wire-haired Dachshunds. Oh, they have more, but they are outside ranch dogs. Mindi's dogs usually just play loose in the grooming room, as you can see they have lots of toys. Now, I had to tend to Emma, the cat boarder, in the big cage in there, so I locked up Mindi's dogs in the kennel cages. Here is Emma playing with the loop on my grooming table. She knows Mindi's dogs, but I didn't let her loose with them , as I am responsible for her. My foster kittens were locked up the the big cage in the middle room, until it was their time to come out and play. Now one of Mindi's, Precious, the Smooth Dachshund, is in season, and one of her male Poodles is not neutered, so I am really playing "musical animals" now. I am keeping Precious in a fairly large dog crate in my hallway.

Here is Emma playing with a neutered mouse. It was a monorchid ( 1 ball), but it was neutered so that the ball could not fall out, and one of the critters choke on it.
I got two Poodles ready for their baths, but I am going to have an early lunch, as I have to take "Little T" into the next town this afternoon, to his new fostermom. So I just put all the critters down for their naps, and I am going to try to take one, too.
Oh, oh, phone just rang, I am taking Little T now.

3.30pm. Back from town. Little T seemed happy with his new fostermom, and he has his own little cushion that he had here. One that the Quilting Ladies made for the SPCA animals.

While I was at the Interstate Battery Depot getting a new battery for the Class B, I got a call from Mindi. It seems that I won't have time to finish grooming these two poodles, as she is coming back early, and will be there soon. The dogs will be back on Friday, so I can finish them then.
I was at the Interstate place, instead of Wal-Mart, as it is a Kirkland battery that went bad , and Johnson Controls makes Interstate and Kirkland batteries. But they wouldn't honor the Kirkland warranty, so I bought an Interstate "blem" for a lot less than a Wal-Mart battery. Kirkland is Cosco, and I can get it replaced there, when I go to Houston again.

I know why I wanted a white truck. It is hot out there, and I can tell how much cooler the truck is after sitting in the sun. I just hated to get into my black Volvo, I got so that I wouldn't go anywhere in it in the summer. Then the truck AC has a smaller area to cool down than an SUV or wagon. I rushed home and let all the different shifts of animals in and out !!

A hectic animal day.

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