Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Cats. Emma tried to help me. Rent $1.00

The kittens and Bobcat were so happy to be back on their screen porch this morning. But I had to bring them in around noon as it was getting hot.

Emma was loose in the grooming room while they were out there, and I was washing my hair in the little bathroom off the grooming room. First she wouldn't stay out of the tub, I was using the dog sprayer over the tub, and then she discovered that was wet. So she went off to find better things, and this is how Emma "helped" me !!

Ray came over after he had done a pressure washing job down the freeway, and we did his time sheet. He had done so many hours this last month, that he only owed me $1 in rent. I am so glad to have him helping me when he can, as he is thorough, and I don't have to put up with Jay and his addled brain and hang overs. He tries to do things quickly, and can't think things through, and they have to be done over. If, and when, Jay straightens up again, he can come back and do more carpentry work.

I spent some time cleaning the cages, and carrier, that the Little T, and the Dachshund (in season), had been in. I will need to keep my kittens in that big dog carrier in my living room on Friday. More about that later.

So a "ripping" good day.

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