Monday, June 16, 2008

Bonfire. Rest and Laptop

The Class B didn't get bid up to it's reserve, so it didn't sell. I had folks contact me wanting my phone #, and I gave it them, so maybe something will come of that. RVs just aren't selling, right now, unless they are dirt cheap. They sell better before Memorial Day, too.

Ray and I worked for a while on getting some more of the old lumber out of the way. There were also some cheap interior doors that weren't really worth advertising. I checked, and we could burn. I hated to make a burn pile in the ditch, as I have grass growing there, but it had to be done. There was no wind, and my neighbors were at work, so the time was right. I strung several water hoses out there first. Ray got the blower out, and cleaned both pathways, and he made a pile of leaves and pine needles to rake up and take to light the fire. The fire, even though we fed it slowly was hot, and smokey. (I wonder why !!) By 11.00 am we had had enough.
I had had enough anyway. I had not felt as chipper and ready to roll, this morning for some reason. My "get and go", had "got off and went", somewhere. I was too grubby, and wet, to lie down and take a nap, so I showered and washed the smoke out of my hair, and had a bite of lunch first. I didn't even get dressed again, I just took a nap in my nightie, hoping that would rejuvenate me.

But I didn't nap long unfortunately, and started to read blogs and fulltimer's journals. My machine started acting up again, so I finally got out the laptop. I plugged it in so that it wouldn't be using the battery only. I used it's tiny mouse, as I can't work those other things. I hooked it up to the cable modem thingy, but I couldn't get it to go on the broadband, so I hooked it up to a phone line. I didn't like the way the keyboard felt, and I never really did get on line with it, and it was terribly slow, so I put it away again.

I only know how to type, push a mouse around, and how to keep it cleaned out, and defragged. When the cable goes out, often, I am sorry to say, this desk one automatically switches over to dial-up, but the laptop was slower than when this one is on dial-up, even though it is a better computer. I don't have anyone to help me with these puters anymore, and I don't know what to do to it. It worked fine at the computer place where I bought the cord and had the WiFi checked out. I might try again, when I feel like fooling with it.

A slow, smokey day.

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