Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Table Mount Done. Kitties may be Adopted.

Sunday, I groomed my late husband's dog, MaeMae, who now lives with her previous folks. Then I took a lot of time composing the ad for the Class B, and sorting out the best pictures.
Even though I did a very thorough description of it, and 24 pictures, I still get questions that would be answered if they would just read the ad. So I did a lot of answering emails about that the last few days. Silly questions like "How long will the water in the tank last"! That's like asking how long is a piece of string, as it all depends on how they use it.

Monday, yesterday, Emma's, (the cat boarder) "Mom" came to pick her up. After 2 weeks of being here, poor Emma didn't know if she was coming or going. She was pleased to see her Mom, and smelled her, as if to ask where had she been all this time. Then she walked back into my big cage and sat on the kitty condo. I had to get on all fours to get her out. After we rented a crane to get me up, (LOL), I got her in her carrier, and off they went. So now, for a while, there is just old Bobcat, the two foster kittens, and me.

Ray mowed the yard, those little 'whispies', I call them, had grown up. He said that the blade needed sharpening, so we loaded the mower up on the truck. I had trouble getting the blade off last time, so it is easier to let the man at our local Western Auto fool with it.

Today, Tuesday, Ray and I got the table storage mount done on the back of the kitchen cabinet in the Class B. You turn the little red velour 'knobs' to get the table out. The top of the table is almond Formica to match the counter top. The pole will store in a clamp thing, like a fire extinguisher has, in that little corner on the left. Then the wind suddenly came up and was blowing the trees every which way, the sky got dark, and we just knew it was going to downpour. So we didn't get that installed. We were scrambling to get the tools back in the workshop, and I had so much stuff out. Compressor, staple gun, chop saw, velour, knives, scissors, screw drivers, bins of screws, washers, etc. Just a whole bunch of stuff. And it didn't rain !! It rained a gully washer down the street, but not here !

I drove into our little town, through wet streets and big puddles, dropped off the mower, paid some bills, etc. and came home.

Kenya, my SPCA boss, called and said that there is an approved application on my kitties. They may take just one, or maybe both. We will see on Saturday. I let them have "house time"every evening, as they will have to get used to being in forever homes, but tonight they were playing and chewing on my receipts, so I put them to bed in the grooming room early.

So that is the last three days.

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