Sunday, June 1, 2008

House Warming. Lost in Space.

Yesterday I got up at the usual time, and played musical "free time" with the cats, as they would have to be locked up for a while in the afternoon. Except Bobcat, of course.

In between that, I just spent most of my time getting ready to go to my granddaughter, Kim's, House Warming Party. I tried to curl my hair with a curling iron. I tried to wax my eyebrows, and that hurt more than tweezering. I tried to get my eyebrow make-up to look the same on both sides. Tried to get my lipstick on, without looking like a made up old freak. I tried on different clothes, and shoes. Changed purses. You know the drill. LOL.

I settled on a nice embroidered short-sleeve blue suit, white silk top, white shoes and bag, but by the time this picture was taken, I had changed into a summer dress, as it got hot, and we were mostly in the back yard. I only wore that suit because it fit me. I had intended to wear a floral summer dress, and I had some that I had never worn, (size 9 !) with the price tags still on them. But this computer made me put on weight, so I took the dresses with me, and gave them to my girls. They pounced on them, so I guess they liked them. Apart from other things, I gave them each a doggie bed for each of their dogs, made by the Quilting Ladies. Those were gifts that no-one else thought to take, I'll bet. Kim's dogs, two Pugs and a Beagle, are crated at night, so I hope they enjoy.

It was good to see everyone again, and a few tears were shed because Susan wasn't there with us. The kids were slipping and sliding on one of those water slides that hooks up to a garden hose. Then they would sit in the chairs at the outside table getting them wet, so if you got up, you folded up your chair !! Even my 13 year old grandson had a great time on the slide with the smaller kids. I think a good time was had by all, plenty to eat even though some food got left in the fridge by mistake.

Wendy, my daughter on the left, Kimberly, my granddaughter on the right, and "Gee, I Didn't Break The Camera" in the middle.

The truck ran fine, and it even found it's way home in the dark.

This morning I was messing around with the photos of the Class B, getting the latest ones in some sort of order, when the listing accidentally started early. That really threw me, as I had edited the ad to look so appealing, and all my edits were gone. Then someone placed a bid on it, so I couldn't change anything. I added some more info, and that didn't go through either. So my latest photos and info must have gone somewhere in space. Darn it. I had spent so much time on it that I hadn't even been able to read my email or read any blogs.

I was all ready to take "Little T" , the six toed kitten, to his new fostermom today, but it got postponed until tomorrow. I had even gone carefully up to the attic to get a little carrier down for him, and I don't usually go up there when I am on my own. With my osteoporosis I could easily break a bone if I slipped, so I had my cell phone in my pocket. I will miss him, but I will be glad when he is gone, and things can get back to normal.

One exciting day, and one spaced out day.

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