Tuesday, June 30, 2009

RAIN. More Coronado Floor. Safer Cleaners

When I took MaeMae out about 8.00 PM last night, it was finally raining. It wasn't quite dark, so the birds were singing and having a great time. It didn't last long, maybe 50 minutes, but it sure helped green things up.

I think I got too much AC blowing on me in the van, yesterday. At 3.30 AM this morning, my head stuffed up terribly, and I started coughing again. By 4.20, as I couldn't sleep, I had had enough, and turned on the coffee maker. At least it gave me time to try to catch up on my many emails.

This morning the sun came out and it was bright and uncomfortable working in it. We made our own shade, with a golf umbrella clamped to a ladder, so that Ray could work on the back door of the Coronado.

I took Jay into town to the bank, and he paid his utilities. When we came back, we turned on the two fans in the Coronado, and screwed down the new floor joists in the front, ready for the new plywood. The trailer has built-on leveling jacks, so we had to re-inforce the area above them.

There are safer things to use for cleaning around your family and pets:

It was too hot to insulate the floor, so we quit for the day.

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