Friday, June 12, 2009

"C-Day" & D-Day! A Few Jobs Done.

It is "Converter Day" for those who use TV antennas. I got a converter box for the RV, but I already had one of those things where you can use your laptop as a TV, and not need a box. But you never know when the power or cable will go out, so either might come in handy here at the house, if I can figure out how to use them!
Then, I can't believe that I let D-Day, 6th of June, go without comment last Wednesday. I remember D-Day, I was just a school girl, but there were droves of planes going south over London to the coast.

Ray and I had a list of things to do today. But first we had to take a cute little possum down to the lake, that we had caught in a humane trap. Ray had set the trap to catch a big raccoon that has been getting into stuff at night. We had trouble getting the little possum to get out of the trap, but finally we made it, and he/she scurried off into the brush. We went by Jay's, but he was still in bed! He wanted us to wait for him, but no way.

A lady was coming to see this 8'x11' rug, and it had been stored rolled up around a piece of 4" pipe. We got it down, unrolled it, checked it out, and hung it in my carport so that she could see it. That meant I had to back the minivan out into the sun.

I already had this chair which matches the architect table, so I had advertised it as a set, so I needed to take a picture. Ray vacuumed the dust off it, and we found a couple of spots where paint had splattered on it, so we got that off with some Goo-Gone.
We did several little jobs, and repaired a hose connection going to the front sprinkler, then disinfected the rabbit cage. I cut up a piece of carpet to put over the wire bottom, tied open the door, and put it where Patches
likes to sleep in the Middle Room. Later, I saw her sleeping in it, so I don't think she will be scared to be transported in it.

The lady came and bought the rug, so that got that out of the carport. But it was so hot this afternoon, it was like walking into an oven, so the van was really hot from being out of the carport when I had to go into town.

Then, I was able to run the front sprinkler today.

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Sandra said...

Sounds like summer has arrived in your area!

Do you ever take a day off and do nothing? LOL