Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Busy Hot Day. No Work Outside.

Even on the early morning news they said today was going have a heat index of 105 deg.! Probably a record they said.

I didn't even bother to let the cats on the porch, and just rushed around getting the grooming room clean, and getting all four animals their breakfasts. Jay had said that we should start earlier in the day, like we used to, so I was expecting his call to say that he was "really, really" ready.

I was busy getting some of the guest house's bills printed out, when Ray came over for us to do the books, to see how much he had earned off his rent and utilities.

We got that done, also got all the lumber out of the minivan, and stored it in the "Big Van", my rear entry TranStar motor home. Then Ray had to go get Shay, so we didn't get any work done.

Jay called at 10.50 AM, said he was ready. I was in the middle of getting the front lawn sprinkler working right, as I wanted to water before the harsh early afternoon sun got around there.
I was fighting fire ants, mud, and a sprinkler, but MaeMae and I drove down there, as Jay and I needed to get our books reconciled too. We knew it would be too hot to do anything outside, but there were a couple of inside jobs that needed doing.

When MaeMae and I got there, Jay was still in the shower, so we came home. I got out another sprinkler head out, and got the water going. I wanted to do it while Ray's car wasn't there.

Rest of the time I spent listing things for sale, so I was inside all day.

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