Friday, June 19, 2009

Shopping for Birch Paneling for Coronado

Another hot day, but I knew that I would have to get some birch paneling and plywood for the Coronado before tomorrow.

The two troublesome cats, will not be at the SPCA Adoption Day tomorrow. My SPCA boss knows that I won't take mine when "Troubles" and "Wobbles" are there. Their foster mom always puts them in prominent cages, and folks get their fingers bitten or scratched, think that all the SPCA cats are like that, and walk away. My cats are not like that, and none of the other foster mom's cats are. It is about time Mime and Patches got some exposure. Now I have the little rabbit cage to transport Patches, I can take her. She is claustrophobic in a carrier, as she was locked up in one for a long, long time in a previous life.

To take the cats I have to put the middle seat back in the van, as I have to have the seat belts to strap in their cage and carrier. So that is why I wanted to get the plywood today.

Jay and I went into the next town, and I bought some lumber, paint strippers, and plumbing parts. For the really good birch paneling for the parts that show in the 1947 Coronado, I will have to make a trip to Houston to a hardwoods company.

Ray spent the morning replacing two more lights in the Mirage, and stripping paint of the doors on the Coronado.

This afternoon, Jay and I tried to do some more work on the floor of the Coronado, but it was just too hot today.

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