Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coronado Baggage Door & Floor.

When Ray and I looked at the van hood, you could still see the shadows of the places where the old paint had faded, even through three layers of paint. It is smooth, but just has faint lighter shadows. So we didn't un-tape it, as it will need some more paint. But it was very oppressive this morning, and we had heavy rain forecast, so we didn't paint it. It never did rain, but I had to run the AC just to get the humidity out of the house.

We worked some more on the Coronado baggage door. There was even some dark blue under the yellow paint. We scraped a lot of it off, and then let it sit overnight with more stripper on it. Next we riveted some more patches on the underbelly of the trailer. A place at the back door had a board to step on, but Jay had moved it, stepped on the underbelly, gone through, and loosened it from the edges, so Ray and I found a way to repair that. I had gone in and out of the trailer, stepping on boards across the frame, as the underbelly is exposed, then climbed in there without the back steps in place, so many times that my back was aching. While Ray was mowing the front yard the other day, I had got the speader out and scattered Weed-N-Feed in the back yards, so I rolled up the hoses from watering it in, today. I didn't even feel like eating lunch. I just wanted to rest my back, so that's what I did.

Claudia called, she is back at her daughter's house after having the stent put in her liver. The hospital wanted to know if her neighbor and I would be there for her when she comes home on the 15th. Of course we will. She knows she can't rely on Jay. Isn't that a shame?

Jay did show up briefly, and trimmed the privet. Then wanted to borrow more money. When he saw us fixing his boo-boo at the back step of the Coronado, he shut up. When Jay is himself, he is a good worker, and I will need him to help me finish the trailer floor. Carpentry is not Ray's forte, and my bad wrist doesn't like circular saws any more, unless they are light weight. When my light one bit the dust, I never replaced it. I didn't think I would still need it at my age. Little did I know!

A humid, muggy, sunny day.

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