Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doctor & Son Cycling For Prostate Cancer Awareness.Mohawks

This morning, Ray went to the doctor, and I drove into our little town to mail batteries that I had sold on eBay yesterday. I wanted them to get to their new owner quickly. Bought more rivets, too.
When I emailed her and told her the batteries were on their way, she emailed back and said it might be a couple of weeks before she would get to her Post Office Box in NY as the Mohawks had closed the border. Whatever next!!http://toronto.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20090601/OTT_Border_Protest_090601/20090601/?hub=TorontoNewHome

Ray and I started late, but we got two jobs started. The paint was wearing off the hood of the Aerostar, and I was tired of looking at it. I had bought the right color Duplicolor spray cans of paint for it, some time ago. We sanded it with 320 grit Wet & Dry, then Ray put two very light coats on it, then we sanded it with 1500 grit, and one more very thin coat. Once it is compounded, it should look better. One day, maybe we will finish the roof.

While we were waiting for each coat to dry we worked on the baggage door of the Coronado. I don't know how many coats of paint were on there, but here we got down to pink. One more slathering of paint stripper, and low and behold, there was yellow under that. I have a nice new stainless steel hinge coming for it, so we will be able to install it again soon. But first we will have to take the door apart to get the old lock out and put a new one in.

The Aerostar can just stay like that overnight to let the paint set.

This father and son are cycling for Prostate Cancer Awareness from Austin to San Diego.

This would seem to be a hot time of year to be doing that, but maybe this was the only time the doctor could take the time off.
They are writing a blog whenever they can get to a computer or library with one.

So we got a little accomplished today.

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