Thursday, June 4, 2009

Four Jobs Completed.

The weather was a bit cooler and less humid today, with no rain in the forecast. All three cats were on the screen porch until early afternoon. They liked that.
MaeMae was "work dog" in her little bed outside, while Ray and I got four jobs completed. As I unexpectedly have to go to Houston, we couldn't leave the van taped up. Ray compounded the hood, waxed it, and we called it done. We may go to it back later, but it is better than when I got it. Now I won't know which is mine in a parking lot!!

I tackled the Coronado baggage door, and got the rest of the old paint off with a Brillo pad. Ray helped me while he wasn't doing stuff to the van. I knew I was taking a chance on scratching it, but I went over it afterwards with some 000 steel wool. It is a lot shinier than the trailer now.

Another place under the front door of the trailer had been giving us trouble getting the layers of paint off, so Ray attacked it with a Brillo pad, too. That got the last vestiges of dark blue paint off there.

The nice little lightweight toaster oven that I bought for the Mirage, had burned-on food marks on the little baking tray. I might have dust on top of the TV, but I can't stand dirty looking cooking utensils, inside or on the bottom. While we had all the different kinds of steel wool out, I cleaned it to my satisfaction.

I was just going to have some lunch when Jay called. He was working at a rental trailer nearby, and offered me a metal architect table and eight 40 lb. bags of sand, that ex-renters had left behind. So MaeMae and I drove down there, and picked all that up in the Puddle Jumper. I knew he really wanted me to take him home to transport his lawnmower to that job, so we did that too. Thank goodness I still have the old Puddle Jumper, it is great for hauling things like that! The sand will come in handy around here, and we can always use or sell the table.

I knew I didn't want to brave Houston afternoon traffic, today.

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