Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy Day.Coronado Floor & Mirage Door Lock.

We were so beat when we got back from Houston, that when Jay napped on my couch, he crashed there all night. MaeMae slept in her bed under my coffee table, instead of the one under my bed, as she loves Jay, when he is sober.

I got up early, as usual, drank coffee and read my mail. I was already dressed when Jay awoke. He had his coffee, then we traded out TV's in my living room. My big, old 27" TV had bitten the dust, and Jay had put the old big one out of the Coronado in it's place. It wasn't even cable ready, and didn't have a remote, I am rarely in my living room, so it didn't bother me. But I knew there must a more convenient temporary alternative. I had a smaller, cable ready, TV, no remote, so we put that in it's place. We ran it through the VCR, (yes, that is what this old lady has), and now we can use the VCR's remote to change the channels, and watch TV on cable. Volume and Off/On still is manual, but one needs exercise.

Then Jay went to work on the Coronado, and Ray worked on the Mirage, with me running backwards and forwards between them. I am the 'extra hand' and 'gopher'. Ray and I spent a long time replacing the T-handle on the Mirage's back door. We had to take the locking bars, top and bottom off the door, to get the lock out. After a long time we finally got it all back together, and then found out that we will have to take it apart again, turn one little thing around to make the door lock. By that time, the sun had come around there, so we left it for another day, and Ray started on the Coronado door locks, till it was time to quit.

Jay worked on the Cornado floor. He got the framework in place for two more sections of plywood, and insulated some of it.

The foster cats spent all morning on the screen porch, but MaeMae decided that she didn't want to be outside "work dog", today.

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