Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tore Out Floor in Front of Coronado.

Still no rain, and it's hot and humid. I let the cats go out on the screen porch for about a couple of hours this morning, but brought them in for their breakfasts. It was going to be another hot day.

Ray managed to work for about 1/2 an hour in the Mirage, before he had to leave. We have people wanting to see it, say that they want to buy it, but no appointments yet.

Jay and I worked on the Coronado with two fans going, tearing out the old floor in the front. We got it all out, and washed the inside of aluminum underbelly. So it is just about ready to start screwing in the new floor joists. It was hot in there, but we got 'ur dun.

Then we went to Lowes in the next town, to buy AC coil cleaner and a fin comb. The old unit AC that was in the Coronado, works, but it sure needs cleaning, and the rear fins straightened. They are all squashed flat, that usually happens when someone is careless when pressure washing! That is Ray's job, he is good at that, and does all the AC work around here. Next thing it needs to be installed again, it is so hot in there! The more places we re-insulate, the cooler it will be in there.

We also got Jay a new cell phone. I was on the phone to the company, putting his old one through it's paces, and they seemed to think it was "operator error". Boy, these new phones get more and more complicated.
I know I like each new phone even less than the last one, just like these new car radios.

All in all, a good day.

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