Monday, June 15, 2009

It Feels Like August!

Last Winter started early, and was cold for a lot more days than usual. Now this Summer has started early too, and a lot hotter already. We hardly had any Spring!

I knew Jay wouldn't be here today, so I drove down to Sam's and got Mikey, his poodle, and spent the morning bathing and grooming him. He is really good on the grooming table, but he jumped around all over in the bath tub, and he wore me out. I have a restraint anchored to the tub wall that I rarely have to use, but I will remember to use it on Mikey, another time!!

Ray stripped more paint off the Coronado doors.

After lunch I went out on the south facing screen porch to pack up some aloe plant shipments. The thermomter out there said nearly 100 deg., and my forehead was dripping all over the plants! Another thing I will remember not to do on a Summer afternoon.

A trip to the Post Office and Kroger's, and I am done for today.

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