Saturday, June 27, 2009

Framed Up for AC. Getting Mirage Ready

Ray got here on time, but Jay wasn't ready until later.
I had bathed and groomed MaeMae yesterday afternoon, usually I clip her into a "Cowboy" pattern with "chaps", this time I did her in a "Town and Country" pattern. So when we went to pick up Jay, Claudia's neighbor saw her, he oo-ed and ah-ed. She is a prissy little thing.

Ray sanded, and painted, the circle for the table base support for the Mirage. Then he tried to straighten out the fins on the back of the Coronado's AC with a fin tool, but it was a lost cause, they are all too badly bent. I even tried with some of my metal dog combs. We decided to clean the AC with coil cleaner, anyway, as I don't know when I can get away from here to get another AC right now.

Jay beefed up a lot of the existing studs on the Coronado front wall, added more, and put a sturdy board across where the AC will sit. We can frame the top and sides when we get it in the hole.

Still no rain in sight today.

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