Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Work On Doors.

It was going to another blazing hot day. I let Bobcat out on the porch first thing when I got up, but brought her in before her breakfast.

When Ray arrived I suggested to him to start stripping the Coronado back door first for a while, until the sun came round there, then move to the front door. The sun really hurts my eyes, and it even hurts me to see someone working in this blazing sun.
Ray is very painstakingly removing two layers of paint off the door window's trim, and getting it back to aluminum. He even removes the screws, one by one, to get all the paint off from under and around them. He likes fiddly little jobs like that. It will take ages to get all the windows looking good.

Jay and I worked and worked on the Mirage cabinet doors. They just wouldn't do right.

After we quit working outside for the day, I tried to rest for a little bit before I started my next job, but Jay had already found a drinking buddy and woke me up. I had just dropped off! He knows not to bother me after we quit work, but he interrupted me four times during the evening, until I was just exasperated and exhausted.

A very trying and tiring day.

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