Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lumber & Parts Shopping. More Stuff Shipped

We knew it was going to be hotter today, so the cats were only on the screen porch from about 6.00 AM till 9.00 AM.

Ray and Shay were going somewhere, and Jay wanted to go with me to the next town. I told him I wasn't driving down there to pick him up until he said he was "really, really" ready. I used that time to check on balances, pay a couple of bills online, and get Ray's bills together, too. By the time Jay called, and MaeMae and I had picked him up, I still had papers strewn all over.

While Jay was drinking his coffee, I got that straightened out, made some more triangular shipping tubes cut out of cat litter boxes, and had chosen the aloe plants that I was going to ship. I soak the roots in water, wrap each "set's" roots in a paper towel, pack in paper towel tube, and then that goes into the triangular tube to protect them while they are in the mail. I haven't lost a plant yet, and I have even shipped overseas. Then I had to pack a blade sharpener, that was already in a box, so that was easier.

We finally got out of here about 10.30, stopped in our town for a few things, and then on to the next town. I got little cotter pins, lock washers, rivets and other little parts at Lowes, but their saw was down in the lumber dept. I can carry 4'x8' sheets of plywood in the minivan, but I have to run with the hatch partially up, and tied down. Therefore we get them cut to the width of the Coronado, 83", and leave the hatch down and locked, then no one can take what we have already bought.

So we went a little farther south to Home Depot, where we got the plywood and the rest of the boards that we needed. Being 8', they have to run up into the front of the van, between the seats. They take the place of the armrests!!

It was getting hotter and hotter, and I even turned on the AC at the back of the van, to keep the groceries cool.

A couple more stops, and finally got home about 2.30 PM, today.

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