Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Progress in the Mirage. Another hot one!

No let up on the heat around here. Bobcat was out on the porch at 5.30 AM, but came back in for her breakfast, and sat in her bathroom window seat looking out to the road and fields.

Jay was "all better", apologetic, and wanted to work, so MaeMae and I went down there to get him. Said he wasn't going to be led astray by that drinking buddy again. (Heard that before).

Ray arrived, and I asked him to take the blasted cabinet doors off the Mirage cabinet. I am going to have to find a different concealed hinge system. Jay is better with 12v. whereas Ray is better with 110v., so Jay and I worked inside the Mirage. Ray just stayed out of Jay's way, (as he doesn't like him), and worked on stripping the Coronado's doors paint. Moving to the shady door, as the sun went around.

Jay and I added a new extra 12v. light over the new cabinet in the
Mirage. We were already using the new 110v. outlet that Ray had added. We had to do this before we put the rear panel back over the back door, as this is where the new wires would have to tie in.
We also added aother new light on the rear panel, as I found out that it is difficult to see inside the closet or pantry which are each side of the back door.
Now we just have to put the center panel back up, but we were done for the day.

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