Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mirage Cabinet, and Coronado Doors

We knew it was going to be a hot one! I let the cats out on the screen porch early, but wanted to bring them in for their breakfasts. Patches had other ideas, and wouldn't come back in the house, so I had to leave her out there while it was getting hotter. Then she realized why I wanted her in. Maybe she learned that Mom knows best! Bobcat and Mime are a lot easier to herd than Patches.

Jay was mounting the new roller catches on the Mirage Cabinet doors, but they are not as good as Bulldog Catches. So I will probably order some. We nut and bolted a wooden stiffener on the larger door, so now the buttons, hiding the bolts, will have to be painted.

Ray painted the locks to the front and back doors of the Coronado, we put corks in the 'handle holes' so that paint wouldn't get into the works. Then he started stripping the paint off the front door. I can see no reason why someone painted the doors and hinges, and did such a horrible job of it. It will look a lot better when we are through.
I was just running back and forth getting different tools, screws, nuts, bolts, drinks, etc. Jay had the fan running in the Mirage, so MaeMae stayed in her work bed in there with him. We didn't run the AC as it was in the shade, and we had the back door open as we were running in and out too much. Yesterday, Ray and I had run the AC for the first time since I bought the Mirage, and I was so glad that it worked.

Well, with all the graduations going on, all the report cards are in.
I hope they were all good, and no one got grounded!

Y'all have a safe day.

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