Friday, June 5, 2009

Baggage Door Again. Rug. Whale Wars

It wasn't too hot, but the sun was bright, especially when it shone on the polished aluminum of the Coronado's baggage door. Ray and I knew we had to take the door apart, as we had to get the lock out, rebuild the wooden part that holds the lock in place, and also to re-insulate the door. We had to move around to different work tables in the shade to get it done. That took quite a while, as 62 years ago they hadn't intended for this door to be taken apart!!

Then we tackled a problem in the Middle Room. A few months ago Jay and I had put the carpet runner on a table outside, and given it a thorough wash with the garden hose, instead of just cleaning it with the carpet shampooer. Bad mistake, it washed all the "stuffing" out of it. Now the cats would play "Wrinkle The Rug", and make it bunch up in front of the door going to the Front Hall, so the door couldn't be opened. I had tried that 'carpet non-skid' stuff. The only solution I could think of, as I didn't want to buy another 7 ft. runner as this matched another one, was to stiffen it. So we cut two seven foot x 2 inch strips of Formica, and riveted it on to the rug, and then covered it with cloth adhesive tape. This is the underside. It worked, if they skid on the rug now, it pops back into place, like an inchworm.

We did a little more work on the extra outlet in the Mirage, but Ray had to leave to pick up Shay from her job.

I spent some time looking at the Marmoleum site, as they have linoleum that matches the vintage kind that was in the old travel trailers. Gee, that stuff is expensive, but it supposed to last 40 years. But, it didn't last 62 years in the Coronado. I think I will have to look for it elsewhere. I did find some vintage drip caps on a vintage trailer site, but they were out of the size I needed.

The TV was on while I was doing this research for the Coronado, and "Whale Wars" came on Animal Planet. It was very engrossing. I didn't even know this was still going on. The Japs say that they are hunting them for 'research', but as they have a law that says you mustn't waste food, (sounds good, but...), they are selling the meat in the markets. They can get up to a million dollars for a whale. I wonder what Captain Ahab would say about that!

A whale of a sunny day.

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