Monday, June 22, 2009

Coronado and Mirage again.

It was going to be hot again, so Jay and I knew we couldn't do much in the Coronado today. We moved all the bed parts, sliding door parts, and closet wall parts, that were stored in the front of the trailer, into the back, now the back floor was done. Whatever else happened we needed to get the front done, so that we could re-install the AC. As old as it is, the unit AC that came with the trailer works. I insulated the kitchen floor and Jay laid the kitchen plywood.

Ray had the easy jobs, he was doing some more painting touch up inside the Mirage with the AC going!

Jay took down that drape that goes around the Mirage pottie area, I cut it and hemmed it, as it was too long. I need the rest of it for another project in there.

Then it was time to go into town for more self-drilling screws, for the Coronado, and groceries for Jay, so that was it for today.

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