Monday, June 29, 2009

Packing, Mailing, Shopping. Everyone Buckle Up

Still no rain. We had 20% chance in the forecast, but it didn't come here.

I went out on the screen porch/greenhouse early, to choose which aloe plants I was going to ship to NY. It is too hot to be out there later on in the day. I soak them in plant vitamins for a while before I ship them. The customer paid for them last Tuesday, but I told him that I wanted to wait until today to ship them, in the hopes that they would get there before a weekend. I got a cat litter box cut into the triangular shipping tubes, then MaeMae and I went to get Jay, as he wanted to go into town with me. After a slow start we finally got underway.

I took the plants to the next town to mail, as I hoped they would gain a day that way. Also I needed to go to Home Depot, to return some things and get a crimper for putting the Coronado baggage door back together. We ate chicken livers at Church's Chicken, stopped at a few more stores, comparing prices, and didn't get home until nearly 3.30 PM.

Everywhere we stopped we put the windshield sunshades up, and even one on a side window, but it was still stifling getting back into the van. We leave the windows open a little, now that I have the Vent Visors, but it doesn't help. If you leave a car closed up here, sometimes a window will just blow out from the heat. Do not leave your kids or pets in a car for even a minute, please.

We have a very dangerous holiday coming up. Now is the time to think about our furbabies safety, BEFORE we take them on a trip. Be prepared, and have a seat belt harness, or carrier, that can be seated belted in. Life jackets, too. Wouldn't you be devastated if something happened to your pet, that you could have avoided?
My daughter let her cat out of the carrier to be loose in the car, and they were in an accident. The cat jumped out of a broken window and was never found again. It was heartbreaking.

Have a safe day.

PS. 8PM: I just took MaeMae out and it is POURING rain!!

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